Complete Landscape With Granite Walls

While boulder walls can be beautiful, they aren't for everyone. This couple was looking for something different and granite from St. Cloud did the trick. We started this project from a blank canvas, and what a project it was. Over 1000 yards of dirt was moved to open up the back yard and slope the side yard. A paver patio was installed, along with sidewalk and parking area in front of the garage. A privacy berm was placed along the shared driveway. A pond was dug to attract wildlife. Once everything was completed over an acre of hydroseed was laid and now we just need to wait for the seed to come in! 

Brisa Retaning Wall Sets & Landscaping

This is a set of four beautiful retaining walls formed out of Anchor Brisa blocks. This was a new construction site that needed to handle some grading to get the desired slope of the lawn. These walls incorporated a strengthening measure known as geo grid, which ensures that they will stand the test of time. Everything from excavation to grading was handled in the building of these walls.

Front Yard Landscape

This front yard was in need of an update, all new beds were installed after removing what existed. New shrubs and perennials were installed along with mulch. 

Boulder Steps & Walls 

We essentially started over on this front yard, once everything was removed the foundation was waterproofed and insulated. New boulder walls install in place of wooden walls, and new boulder steps as well. Fresh mulch and plantings installed and the yard hydro seeded. 

Pergola, Patio, Entry Way & Walls

3 Acre Landscape With Sunken Patio with Drain System & Walls

This lot was too flat to allow a walkout basement, but the owners wanted one. A sunken patio with its own drainage system and pump was the ideal option. Keystone designed the drain system, walls, and patio. This system can actually be used in most lots. Don't think you are stuck without the walkout you want, and give us a call first. We installed the entire landscape on this 3 acre property. From extensive hydroseeding to planting over 50 trees and a 300' dry river bed, this was a big one! 

Boulders Boulders Boulders! 

Paver Sidewalk & Apron 

Paver Patio With Round Steps

Sitting Wall & Patio 

Back Yard Patio

Shoreline Restoration & Rip Rap Slope

Block Wall & Hydroseeding 

Front Bed & Plantings

Backyard Boulder Wall

     This back yard had more of a slope than the client was looking for, so the easiest solution to level the area was a boulder wall. To add a bit more to the landscape, the wall was extended across the entire lawn. This allowed for a garden bed to be placed in the corner. The final step in finishing the entire back yard was seeding, which has come in well!

Hillside Boulder Wall & Shed Pad

     Have a hilly property but want room for a shed? That's exactly what we made room for in this project! We took the steep, useless slope behind the garage and built a retaining wall into it to flatten the area. After the wall was built, we put down a pad for the shed to rest on. 

Behind Garage Bed, Drain System & Firewood Pad

     Rather than have sod directly against the house, the client was looking for a low-maintenance buffer area. We installed a rock bed with some lower-maintenance plants. The client also had a firewood rack that had been sinking into the soft ground for some time. A cement pad was installed to prevent this from being an issue in the future. While building the bed, we also decided to attach the sump pump to an existing drain tile system. 

Hillside Corner Bed

     This hillside was overtaken by tall grass and weeds. We cut all of the weeds back and applied a weed blocking fabric. Once the fabric was down, we installed a few boulders, trees, and shrubs to bring everything together nicely. The final touch was a fresh layer of mulch. 

New Construction Landscape

     We installed this entire landscape on a new construction home. The grading plans required that all water from the sides of the house flow to the front yard. This was best accomplished by building two retaining walls and swails. 

Driveway Boulder Walls

Commercial New Install

Small Boulder Wall & Mulch Beds

     We incorporated this small boulder wall into an existing cement wall. While we were there, we also added several mulch beds with boulder edging. 

This landscape was in need of a refresh, and a more maintenance-free setup. The grass and larger shrubs were removed, and a fresh weed blocking fabric was laid. The areas that had mulch were all changed to rock, and small dwarf shrubs were planted that required less trimming.

Front Bed Refresh & Redesign

Large Backyard Boulder Wall & Driveway Wall

A steep slope can really make a backyard seem useless. Fortunately, we can eliminate that slope for you! This set of boulder walls consisted of two walls: one along the driveway to allow for easier access to the third stall, and the second was to level the backyard. The second wall was over 100' long and 4' tall. Before the wall was installed, it was nearly impossible to do anything in the uneven yard. Once the wall was completed, there was a very managable grade, and set the yard up for a large patio in the future!

Driveway Removal & Privacy Berm Install 

This customer had just completed an amazing makover on there entire home, unfortunately the old driveway was still taking up the front yard. We removed the driveway, and installed a privacy berm across the entire from yard to help cut down on road noise. 

Retaining Wall & Landscape Rebuild 

This timber retaining wall was failing after many years and needed to be replaced. The owner was looking for an alternative to wood; something longer lasting. A concrete block wall was decided to be the best route and work began. While we had heavy equipment on site, several overgrown trees and bushes were removed and replaced with something more appropriate in size. 

Sod and Rock Bed Install

This was a complete landscape and sod install done by Keystone. A simple rock bed was placed around the entire house to ease in mowing, and help with water running off the roof. Then the entire yard was prepped and graded, and sod was laid. This was over a quarter-acre of new sod! 

Corner Bed Rebuild

This landscape was in need of a complete overhaul. The trees and bushes had all begun to die and yellow, and the owner was looking for a fresh start! In this case a design was already drawn up, and we were simply there to bring dreams to reality. 

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