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Hydroseeding & Erosion Control

     We often get asked the question, what is the most effective way to get the best lawn possible? That used to be a hard questions to answer, as sod was expensive and seeding often led to washouts and bare spots. In the search to finally answer this questions, we expanded our services to include hydro seeding. 

     Hydroseeding brings the best of both seed and sod together. You no longer have to worry about the high price of sod, but you can rest easy with no worry about the next rain washing your yard away. We can tailor the seed and nutrient mix specifically to your lawn, there is no end to the options we have! 


    We have found that our answer when asked "What is the most effective way to get the best lawn possible?" is almost always HYDRO SEEDING! This brings a new question though, "What is that?!". 


     The basic idea of hydroseeding is a way to effectively seed while also controlling erosion  on slopes, and helping to hold moisture in until seeds take root. How is that done? Everything is mixed in a large tank, to create what we call a slurry. This mixture contains water, seed, fertilizer, any needed nutrients, tackifier, and most importantly mulch. 

      Once everything is properly mixed, we apply the slurry directly to your soil which mixes & bonds it as it is sprayed down. The tackifier which we ad acts as a glue to hold everything together. The mulch, which is a mixture of shredded paper and wood holds onto moisture along with the seeds. This means that any water you put on the lawn is going to stick around much longer than if your seed was in bare dirt. 

     While this may all sound very complicated, we have taken the time to learn how to do it best. Rather than try to understand how it works, take a look at the before and after pictures below. This is how thick a hydro seeded lawn looks after just 6 weeks. We chose this lawn in particular due to its steep slope, and heavy shade. If we can grow a lawn here, then we can grow one anywhere! 

6 Weeks Later!

Just Seeded 

Before Seeding

We took this backyard from an overgrown mess of weeds into a perfect lawn. On top of all the weeds, we had a very steep slope and thick tree cover to deal with. As you can see, hydroseed allowed us to use the right seed while controlling erosion. I'd say we managed to bring things back to life!

We can seed year round to control your erosion! From the heat of July to the sub zero temps of January, nothing will stop us from getting your project completed! 

Estimates are always Fast & Free! 

Call 952-693-3680 Today to reserve your spot on our schedule and get your lawn growing!

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