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Landscaping Maintenance

It doesn't matter if you already have the perfect landscape, or you are about to have us install the one you have always dreamed of. The most important thing that you can do is make sure proper maintenance is done to keep it looking its best. We understand that everyone has busy schedules and can't always keep up with things, and that is why we offer everything your landscape will ever need. 



Fertilizing & Weed Control


     Fertilizing isn't just for your lawn! It's just as important to ensure your plants, shrubs and trees have all the nutrients they need. Weed control is just as important. Proper treatments applied early and throughout the season go a long way in keeping a clean landscape. 

Fresh Mulch

     It's no doubt that a fresh layer of your favorite mulch makes your landscape come back to life. It's important to remember that a good base of mulch helps your plants too. Having a proper mulch cover helps to hold in water for your plants and eliminate nutrient-thieving weeds!

Tree & Shrub Pruning


     It's important to ensure that trees and shrubs are kept in their proper form. It's also recommended to prune shrubs twice a year, to keep them from overgrowing their space and overtaking other plants. 

Annual Bed Planting


     Annual beds are a great colorful addition to any landscape. We can assist you in getting your annuals planted each spring, along with making sure they are all cleaned up in the fall. 

Perennial Cut Backs


     We cut back most perennials in the fall here in MN. However, certain ones are sometimes left until spring as they are aesthetically pleasing through the cold, winter months. If cut backs are not performed, it can greatly affect spring growth. 

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